Machinery Loans

Banck provides Machine Loans and Machine Refinance, for the purchase of machines, either new or used. These cover a wide range of metal cutting and metal forming machines, plastic machines, printing and packaging machines, and wood working machines. This also includes providing finances for all major brands under the generator and compressor segment as well. The remarkable feature about these loans is the turnaround time, which is only 8 days.

Machinery Loan
Banck offers Machine Loans wherein Banck will sanction the loan amount for the required machine purchase and will even buy the particular machine. It will then withhold the invoice until the loan has been repaid, while the machine may be used in the interim. The average ticket size of loans provided to this sector is under 10 Lakh rupees.

Machine Refinance
Machine Refinance involves mortgaging a machine that has already been paid for by the customer, with Banck , against the loan that Banck will sanction in order to make other purchases.


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