Property Loans – A Part of Everyone’s Life

Property loans has become the most essential part of every earning person in today’s society for the reason of buying a dream house, Investment into real estate for wealth maximization or for tax savings. Every day thousand s of people apply for home loans to own the most important assets of their lives. Not only has these but there been a lot more purposes for which a Home Loan is offered by the Banks which suits various requirements of the individuals / Corporate / Trusts and Societies.

Loan Against Property

This Mortgage Loan is provided against the Market Value of the Property which may be Residential, Commercial or Institutional without monitoring the end use of the funds. Normally these loans are taken by self employed for funds required in their Businesses as these borrowings are available in their individual names or sister concern companies other than the main business company.

Loan are available for a tenure of maximum 15 years for up to 80 percent of the Property Value and that too can in the form of Overdraft facility


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